1. Program Coordinator of “Three Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” Funded by EDI/DST-NIMAT Project 2016 &17, Held on 20 to 22 September, 2016.
  2. Program Coordinator of “Three Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” Funded by EDI/DST-NIMAT Project 2018 &19, Held on 8-10 of August 2018.
  3. DST-NIMAT Project –Facilitation Workshop on 19th, December 2018, Sponsored by NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India – Program Coordinator

org workshops

  1. National Level Project Presentation Competition for Management Students on 1st June 2016 –Convener
  2. Three Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp on 21st -23rd July 2016- Program Coordinator
  3. One Day Awareness Program on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on 11th August 2016- Convener
  4. M-Pulse, National Level Management Meet on 25th March 2016 – Co Convener
  5. Three Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp  on 21st -23rd September 2016 – Program Coordinator
  6. One Day Workshop on SWOT Analysis of an Entrepreneur on 21st October 2016- Convener
  7. One Day Seminar on Best Practices in IPR & Patent Filing on 23rd December 2016- Convener
  8. Three Day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp on 8-10 August 2018- Program Coordinator

  1. Committee Member of International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management: http://iastem.org/committee.php
  2. Committee Member of International Research forum for Scientific Research: http://irfsr.com/committee.php
  3. Committee Member of World Research Society: World Research Society: http://worldresearchsociety.com/committee.php
  4. Committee Member of Academics Word: https://www.academicsworld.org/committees.php
  5. Committee Member of International Society for Engineering Research and Development(ISERD): http://iserd.co/committees.php
  6. Committee Member of Inter Globe Research Network: http://www.icmr.igrnet.org/45/turkey/committee
  7. Technical Committee World Research Conference: http://www.worldresearchconference.com/organizing-committee-2/
  8. Scientific Committee Member of International European Conference on Interdisciplinary scientific researches- Scientific Committee: https://www.eucongress.org/bilim-kurulu
  9. International Scientific Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences- World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology: https://waset.org/committees/humanities-and-social-sciences
  10. Committee Member of Research FORA: http://www.researchfora.com/Committee.php
  11. International Advisory Board Member of RW (Research World): http://www.researchworld.org/committee.php
  12. Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS) https://arsss.org/committee.php
  13. “Association for the International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration” (AIDASCO): http://aidasco.org/about-us/
  14. Appointed as Advisory Board Member of Prominent Publication House, Maharashtra, India http://prominentpublication.com/advisory_board